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March 8, 2004

March 8, 2004

Another sleepless Sunday night. I’m comforted by the fact that I slept VERY MUCH these last 3 days. But you know how I worry on Sunday nights. And now that I was sick on Friday and have to take off on Thursday, I’m doubly nervous.

Yesterday I did end up missing both Les Mis and Nicole’s 4th birthday party because I was still feeling achy. Today I got out to Target for a little bit (took every fiber of my being NOT to buy the Snagglepuss T-shirt) and it felt good.

It feels like Spring has arrived, although we’re supposed to get a smattering of snow tonight. The air is damp, but balmy, and I see little tulips starting to pop through the soil. And Spring is when we move into the house!

Currently, our house contract is in what’s called an attorney review period. We (and the seller) get 3 days within which we can talk to an attorney about the contract. We’re bound to the contract now, and can only get out if the attorney tells us it’s bad, or if the home inspection comes up horrible. We’re not going to have an attorney look at it. It’s a standard contract, and wasn’t hard to read and interpret. We’re also calling the mortgage guy tomorrow, and telling the Village apartments that we’re outta here come May. Or come what May. 😉

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