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March 6, 2004

Feeling MUCH better this evening. The pains faded away and my tummy is much improved. The fever that I had is now gone. Ahhh…. I spent most of the day lying down or snuggled in my napchair, and I think I’m much improved because of it.

We received the signed contracts last night from the house sellers. So for those who are just joining us, let’s go over the LadyGypsy timeline for buying a home.

1) Spend five years saving very little toward a down payment, but take lots of fun vacations, buy cool stuff, and eat out whenever you want
2) Year six: sell your stocks and start throwing cash into the savings account
3) 2/28/04: Get mortgage preapproval; look at houses
4) 2/29/04: Look at houses, find a cool one.
5) 3/01/04: Tour cool house, make a bid on it
6) 3/02/04: Find out that you’re outbid; make a counteroffer; counteroffer accepted
7) 3/03/04: Sign contract and turn over part of down payment
8) 3/04/04: Exult in fact that we will have, of all things, our own garden hose.
9) 3/05/04: Receive our copies of signed contract from sellers

Talk about whirlwind! What’s next? There is a home inspection on Thursday morning. Thor is definately going, but for me to do so, I’ll have to take the day off. I have tickets to the Flower Show, so maybe MomandI will go there for the afternoon.

And I’m also trolling some websites and making a house wish list. >:)

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