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Survivor AllStars and more whining about my job

February 5, 2004

One more interview tomorrow.

But more importantly, I’m super bummed that Rudy was voted off of the Subota tribe. I hope Jerri, Jenna L, and Ethan get dysentery.

I worked until almost 8 tonight. It’s ok, though, because I managed to clean a lot of stuff off of my desk. I get creeped out when I go in and the papers are just dripping off of the sides of the desk. I’m a digital girl stuck in a photocopying world. At least it’s dark and cold out, so I don’t mind staying late to work. My guess is that by spring/summer, I’ll have my mojo going, my empty seat filled, and will get to leave around 5. I knew there was an upside to starting a new job around winter!

The dog is snoozing on my lap, so I’m going to call it a night.

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