Paul Mecurio thinks I’m pregnant

February 7, 2004

It’s not every night that an Emmy award winning comedian asks if you are pregnant.

So I suppose tonight can be remembered as an interesting evening.

Tonight, I received last minute tickets to the Chocolate Lover’s Bash. from work. A perk of working for a newspaper. So Thor and I attended for about an hour, sampled some decadent chocolate, and bid on a Martin Brodeur autographed puck in their silent auction. We were outbid, and when the bidding reached $45, we quit.

The pucks are going for between $4.99 and $12.50 on eBay. So don’t feel badly for us.

Stopped for a quick brew at Starbucks before deciding to catch the late Paul Mecurio show at Rascal’s. There were less than 20 people at the show, so he got to speak w/most of us. After establishing that we were the longest-married couple in the audience (scary!), he asked if I was “with child.”

I say no. Audience falls awkwardly silent.

But comedians aren’t paid to be polite, and he did say that the way my sweater lay made it look as if I were expecting. And then moved to his next bit. He was amazingly funny and, self-esteem crushing moment aside, I enjoyed myself.

I’ll be donating the sweater to charity tomorrow.

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