Return of the Sunday jitters

February 8, 2004

And the Sunday jitters return.

Looking ahead, this week’s going to be hairy.

  • The Best of South Jersey promotion launched today. Meaning tomorrow we put something online.
  • There’s a biggie special section coming out on Thursday, which requires prettying up, plus ad placement
  • I’m waiting on a really cool feature from one of our sister papers. Once we get it, we have to figure out how it works (it’s a Flash movie), rip it apart, and customize it. Other departments are thinking that it’s going to be 2.5 minutes of work. Okaaaaaay.
  • Have to make a hiring decision. I narrowed the field down to 2.
  • I have a 2 hour luncheon tomorrow, and one on Friday. Bah…I’m not complaining — I’ll get fed! 🙂

    BUT, everytime I feel a bit … queasy … about what challenges my job will bring, I find something inspiring. Yesterday, I found it on the French Toast Girl website. She’s calling this her Year of Adventure!

    <kink>I like the whip! ;)</kink>

    So I said to myself, “Lady, she’s right. This is an adventure. So I’ll take up my imaginary Indiana Jones bullwhip and dive in!

    mmmmm…French Toast…..

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