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Spinning plates

February 5, 2004

Two job interviews tomorrow — very good. We are really hitting our busy time and I’m starting to feel the strain of being shorthanded. Plus, Damon has jury duty tomorrow, so I’m flying solo. Eeep.

As for the sick PC, I moved the sound card into another slot, and by jove, it worked. Huzzah! I also discovered that I have TWO network cards. Remember the lightning strike back in July? Comcast put in a new network card, and didn’t take out the old one. So I’ve had two sitting in there. No wonder my connectivity has been cruddy. Even with one of the network cards dead, I’m sure having two in there confused the PC. For SIX MONTHS I had 2 network cards in my PC and didn’t know. When you take things like that into account, isn’t it amazing that I have a computer-related job?

I tell ya, if the upper management read this blog, I’d be the MOST embarrassed girl in the building. Thank goodness they don’t! (winks, waves)

Skipped yoga, have been eating like a pig. I’m still in my eights and tens, but the two size six skirts I could once wear seem like a distant memory. I have the cutest little bikini that I really want to get into, but I just don’t feel like trying. I tried a new workout DVD tonight, but I only lasted 15 minutes before I decided I didn’t FEEL like working out. Plus I got a nasty rug burn on my elbow. Don’t ask.

Remember the old variety shows where a performer would spin plates? There would be a long table with 6 or 7 spikes. The performer would take a plate, balance it on the first spike, and spin it quickly until it remained balanced on its own. Then the guy (always male — women have too much to do w/dishes to want to fool w/them as a hobby, I suppose) would repeat the process for each spike. But by the time he reached the second to last plate, the first plate started to lose speed and began to wobble dangerously. He’d scoot back to the beginning of the table, restart that plate, and then try to get the remaining ones up to speed. Repeat ad nauseum until he’d get all the plates spinning at once. He’d have a moment of glory before some yokel threw a pie in his face or gave him 6 more plates or dumped a vat of pig blood on him.

I have plates. We can call them Relationship, Family, Money, Job, and Self. Thankfully, Money’s spinning solidly. Family too. Right now I’m spending all of my time trying to spin the Job and Relationship plates. But at the FAAARRR end of the table, the Self plate (self-confidence, New Year resolutions, weight, kimberussell.com, cute hairstyles and clothing, vacation planning) is really wobbling.

The Work plate will eventually spin solidly — I have a good group of people there who want to see me do well and are helping me out. (Not just typing this because I know they read my blog, either — *winks, waves*) Relationship plate takes two people to spin; that’s an act in itself. But if the Self plate falls, the reverberations from the crash will affect the other 4 plates and it will be even harder to get them to spin on their own.

It’s a challenge alright…but this girl’s up for it! I’m tougher than I look. 🙂

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