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Survivor AllStars and John’s party recap

February 2, 2004

You know…it just feels sinful to be eating a bowl of pasta at midnight. Then again, I just got through an hour of watching the coolest reality show EVER — Survivor AllStars. It was like seeing a bunch of old friends again. And CBS seems intent on killing them. They’ll live, though. They’re tough. A few years ago, I wanted to audition for Survivor. The only thing stopping me was lack of access to a video camera. My selling point? The fact that I had never even camped before. Wouldn’t that make for great TV?

John’s graduation party last night was a total blast. I danced the night away. I shook it “like a Polaroid picture.” John raked in a ton of cash (more than what I made at my wedding), and Thor and I had a ball. My dress came from Ann Taylor. No, I didn’t cut out the tracking device. So here’s the report sent back to home base…

Dress worn by a generously-assed woman who dances poorly and is unable to tolerate White Zinfandel.

And so my 3-day weekend has come to an end, and again I’m nervous about this week. I figure I’ll be uncomfortable about this job until at least March.

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