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Looking for a new hire and Janet Jackson boobgate

February 2, 2004

Kim’s tip for jobseekers: If you’re going to apply for a web job — check out the company’s web site before the interview. For Pete’s sake…isn’t that common sense?!?

Re: Janet Jackson Desperate. I was mortified — MORTIFIED! I mean — Rhythm Nation was released in 1989. That song’s almost 15 years old. Why would a pop legend (and yes, I consider her a pop legend) do something as desperate as resort to singing a 15-year-old song at the SuperBowl??

Seriously, instead of freaking out about her teat on national TV, we should be more concerned about the gaggles of young boys who saw a man rip a woman’s shirt apart on National TV. And who are now listening to the woman get verbally dragged through the streets for letting it happen.

As for me, I’ll still wonder WHY she sang RHYTHM NATION! Have I mentioned the song is 15 years old? Let’s just get Wayne Newton out there too, for goodness’ sakes. Danke Shoen, baby.

Today was pretty ducky. I’ll start my end of month numbers grind tomorrow. We’re gearing up for a few more contests on the horizon — I’ll work hard to make them a smash!. And I’m still receiving accolades for my little idea-that-could that I unveiled last week. The constant flow of work keeps me on my toes!

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