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John graduates college

January 30, 2004

Hey! I’m off today!

Today John graduates college. I’m happy and proud, while still wondering WHY we need to be at Mom’s house at 10:05 for a ceremony an hour away that starts at 1:00pm. That said, I’m getting my derrierre off of the computer in 3 minutes to get ready. I should be alright with jeans and a sweater, right? Right?

My little idea at work that I spoke about at my Wednesday meeting has started to take flight. At leat one other Gannett paper will be doing the same thing, and I *think* it’s going to be posted on an intercompany site. Naturally, I think I’m doomed (DOOMED!) to have only one well-received idea in my entire tenure as Online Manager, and end up a mere flash in the managerial plan. A corporate “Chumbawumba” if you will.

Okay. Must go be social. Will take pictures. May even post them. More later!

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