John graduates college

Hey! I’m off today!

Today John graduates college. I’m happy and proud, while still wondering WHY we need to be at Mom’s house at 10:05 for a ceremony an hour away that starts at 1:00pm. That said, I’m getting my derrierre off of the computer in 3 minutes to get ready. I should be alright with jeans and a sweater, right? Right?

My little idea at work that I spoke about at my Wednesday meeting has started to take flight. At leat one other Gannett paper will be doing the same thing, and I *think* it’s going to be posted on an intercompany site. Naturally, I think I’m doomed (DOOMED!) to have only one well-received idea in my entire tenure as Online Manager, and end up a mere flash in the managerial plan. A corporate “Chumbawumba” if you will.

Okay. Must go be social. Will take pictures. May even post them. More later!

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