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Oh say can you OC?

January 28, 2004

This morning/afternoon I attended the Operating Committee (OC) meeting. I talked about an idea that I was going with on the site, and it was very well-received. Talk about a boost of confidence! I wasn’t even going to bring up my idea, but the person before me provided a brilliant segue, so I went for it. I’ll have to bookmark this blog entry and reread it on a day when I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. Or else (and this is so pathetically new-agey) write out how good I felt when I presented my little idea and the OC oooh-ed and aah-ed over it. I’ll print it out and put it in my feel-good folder.

And what’s a feel-good folder, you ask? Well, when it was announced that I was promoted, I received dozens of email well-wishes from within the building. I printed the emails out and saved them. I feel most anxious about this job on Sunday nights, so I bring the emails to bed with me on Sundays and read them before I go to sleep.

Swear to God, it helps.

I was at work today until 7:00pm. What’s amazing is that I was playing CDs as I worked and didn’t notice that I was there so late. I did some tweaking of the left-side nav bars on the home page and the SJNews page. All I planned on doing was adding the link to our new Pets section. Ended up stripping out lots of commented out code, tightening up the categories, bumping weather to the top, and getting rid of extraneous graphics. Tomorrow, I’ll tackle the right side!

Naturally, I celebrated w/a cheesesteak for lunch. Yes, with fried onions. Yes, with ketchup. I’m having lunch w/my brother tomorrow. We have a lot to catch up on, I suspect.

Tomorrow I’ll be sitting in on 2 interviews with candidates for the open spot in my department. I’m nervous. I’ve never been on the other side of the interview table before. But I’ll be with a consummate pro, so I know I’m not going to blurt out anything illegal, like “are you gay?” or “having kids anytime soon?”

But tomorrow’s my last day of the workweek, as I’ve taken Friday off to watch John graduate. We don’t have to be at Mom’s until 11:00am, so I’ll have a NICE sleep-in day.

And Thor tidied up the living room and kitchen for me tonight! It’s nice to have everything in order. I still hate living here, but tonight wasn’t so bad.

So tomorrow I need to…

  • Tighten up the right nav bars
  • Attend 2 interviews
  • Do the online creative for our Pets site
  • Work with Classifieds on customizing one of our new products
  • Put up another coupon
  • Start looking for fabu dress for John’s graduation fete on Sat. night..
  • Part Red Sea

    …while keeping my hair well-coiffed. (We don’t want the interview candidates to think poorly of the job just because my hair looks dead). And that, dear Readers, will be the most difficult challenge of all!

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