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Nope, no flu.

January 27, 2004

Nope, no flu. Just a gurgly stomach that I attribute to stresses at work and beyond. The job is going well, so to speak. I’m still grossly unconfident, but I’m sure that will change as time marches on. On the upside, interviews for my empty seat will be starting imminently. And not a moment too soon. Doing my new job plus half of my old one is driving me bats.

I was supposed to go to a 3:30 meeting with some of the ad people this afternoon, but I was tied up on the phone with readers for 45 minutes. Most calls require me to lead them through our site via phone. I don’t mind doing that at all — I feel as if I can help bring this exciting new media to regular folks. To hear their voices when they see their relative’s story or photo pop up on their computer is priceless!

I managed to escape the Candle Party having spent less than $35 and without being browbeaten into hosting a future party. The lamp I wanted was $70, but c’mon…it’s not really a lamp. It’s a glorified candlestick. And because of the treacherous weather, only about 7 of us showed up. And because only 7 showed up, we were spared the “games” that usually come with such a party. So I chalk it up as being the best…party…EVER!

By the way, I’m not anti-home-demonstrations in the least. I want to go to a Longaberger party. Or a Pampered Chef Party. Or a ‘nightie and adult toy’ party. Or even a darn Tupperware party. But nope…my circle only runs Partylite candle parties.

When *I* get a house…..(smirk)

Mom’s having a party in February. Hopefully I’ll have forgotten about the cute lamp by then.

The snow is falling hard and quickly. It was the hard kind of snow that stings your face and burns your lungs. Even Max didn’t want much of it, preferring to take a quick romp around the building and come back inside tonight. Good dog! He’s going to be on the promo ads I’m making for our new pets site. At least we won’t have to purchase a stock photo of a cute yet scruffy dog. And being as he’s a shelter special, it’s fitting to have him promo Pets911.

I’ve quietly resumed my healthy eating plan. I wonder how many calories are in a serving of Pepto Bismol? Because that’s been my cocktail of choice this week.

Fair warning: if it continues to be this cold and crappy out tomorrow, I’m skipping yoga. So there.

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