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Currently, slacking edition
Outdoor adventures
Catchup, and a plea.

Currently, slacking edition

SLACKING on this blog. Seriously, Kim, get over your post-vacation funk and get it together.

Painting my future craft room. Finally. I went to Lowes with the sunbeam paint swatch in hand. Dumped painting supplies in the cart. Wheeled it over to the paint department, where I didn’t see any Glidden paint. I went to the paint desk – “Do you not sell Glidden anymore?” ANNNND was told that paint chip came from Home Depot. Yay me! Rather than go to another home improvement store, I picked a color that almost matched Sunbeam called Maybe Maui and called it good.

It’s not as yellow as it looks here. I hope.

Yesterday I cued up the 80s channel on Amazon Music (KIM PRIME!) and got to work. I taped off the edges, cut them in, broke out the roller, and painted my heart out. This morning, I opened the door and … it looked awful. I dragged the equipment back out, cued up the 90s station and put on another coat. It looks better now and next weekend I’ll move everything back in.

Everytime I paint something I remember that I hate painting. Really I do.

Watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. Judge away. They’re filled with strong, career-minded women who, in the face of a handsome man and a Christmas tree farm, give up their promotions/faraway careers to move back to the homestead. But there’s always a happy ending and I need that.

Propagating cuttings from a mostly-dead plant I came across at work. We’ll see if I can work some magic.

Grow, my pretties…

Losing at Words with Friends. But…BUT! I’m improving that win/loss percentage.

Don’t call it a comeback. No, really, don’t.

Tomorrow I work from home (LOVING the one-day-a-week work from home gig) and I have to get a flu shot. #excitement

Outdoor adventures

(rabbit rabbit!)

Back before Murphy arrived, when our days looked like this…

…we embarked on a few outside projects to make the house on Literary Lane sparkle.

We purchased a powerwasher and WM washed the house. I did not realize houses needed washing, but ours definitely did.

We planted some grass seed in the 50% of our front lawn that was dead, and the grass is actually growing! I’m becoming a “must turn the sprinkler on” person.

See the front potted plant? It was literally growing in our front lawn. It seems to be doing well in a pot. The other plant came out of one of the front gardens.

We have 2 front gardens. One is a giant ivy-covered patch that we’ll deal with someday. The other was overgrown with irises, and while I like irises, it’s a lot of green for not a lot of bloom. I culled some and planted some Hostas behind it. Which you can’t see because they’re tiny.

I also want daisies there because they’re my favorite flower. I started some daisy seeds in pots which I later had to move because some critter dug holes in each pot. And they’re growing!

Once they’re big enough, they’ll go in between the Hostas. I don’t think I’ll ever have a green thumb, but maybe I can improve from the black one I’ve had my whole life. And we won’t have the second-worst lawn on the street.

Catchup, and a plea.

catchup montage

My life, in a nutshell, since I spoke with you last:

  1. Went to a work-sponsored bowling party 2 weeks ago. It was fun. That’s me, bowling, courtesy of the timer on my camera. I’m wearing a NJ Devils (ugh…win today, guys! c’mon!) jersey and am still showing the exquisite graceful bowling form I had when I bowled Varsity in high school.
  2. Mom & I went to a Camden Riversharks game and had much fun.
  3. Chipper is now 14 lbs.
  4. A new truck for Baron vonPlaque! (who I may revert to calling Thor for brevity’s sake). It’s a Dodge Dakota SLT…
    (flashback music)
    Him: “It’s a Dodge Dakota SLT..”
    Me: “SLT? Like Slut?”
    Him: “No, Ess. Ell. Tee.”
    Me: “Your truck’s a slut!” (giggles)
    (end flashback music)
  5. We tore out the shrubs in front of the porch and planted an itty bitty garden. See here for a before pic. We’ll have owned this house 2 years tomorrow!
  6. Britney! For the love of all that is good! Jeebus! Sweet Merciful Crap! Again? Gah! Gah! Why? WHY???
  7. Had a stomach bug. Missed 2 days of work, which sucks.
  8. Max was very attentive during that time. Plus, this is just a cute shot of him. (note to PETA-freaks: the door is being propped open by forces other than the dog. I do not exploit my dog by using him as a doorstop, though I will take advantage of him by letting him lick up spills from the floor)
  9. With help from the vermin attacking my digestive system, my total weight lost so far is 12.3 lbs!

Important stuff
Next Sunday, Max and I (Max does not know this yet) will be participating in the Camden County Arthritis walk. We’re going to do the 3-mile loop at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken, NJ, along with a bunch of my coworkers.

Why? Because arthritis has touched the life of one of my loved ones. It shouldn’t be seen as an inevitable problem that only old people have. Young folks get it too.

Whether you have a loved one who has trouble moving due to arthritis, or your concerned about that stiff achiness in your fingers that never goes away, or you haven’t been touch by arthritis at all, I urge you to help us all out by making a donation.

Be as cheap as you want! I picked the goal of $150 because $5.00 is a cheap and easy donation. I know I have over 30 readers. Easy-peasy.

So I put up a donation page in case any of you would rather spend that wrinkled $5 bill toward a cause better than Taco Bell’s bottom line.

Back to normal, self-centered mode
Mmm…Taco Bell. Darn, I’m hungry. Must be back to normal. Will be blogging more now that I’m totally fed up with landscaping work.

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