Friday 5 on Saturday: “Month” is a strange word

November 13, 2021

So yeah yeah it’s Saturday not Friday but on Thursday this happened:

Kim rocking a bandaid on her shoulder after receiving her Covid booster.
Ol’ Wheezy was boosted!

Last night I was burning up with a fever. So much so that I sick-bought a watercolor palette from a TikTok video and wasn’t very aware of it until I saw the confirmation email this morning. Shot three was not the doozy that shot two was, but the fatigue is stronger. With this booster, I’ll finally be confident enough to travel again.

And apparently paint.

I received my first two shots at a megasite, and this booster at a chain pharmacy and hoo boy, the difference was huge! The megasite was full of happy people, encouragement, and cheering. At the chain pharmacy, the pharmacist looked at me like I was the largest inconvenience on the planet, even though I had an appointment. And they turned someone away because they were busy and the person didn’t have an appointment. Turned away! It’s so nice to get back to normal.

The movers arrive tomorrow with my MIL’s stuff, which will go far in making this new situation feel less inconvenient and living-out-of-a-suitcase for her. Everything on that front is going well. Perfect? Noooooooo. (see above about movers) But well. Today Murphy finally stopped barking at her every time she moved.

It’s been a loud 11 days.

This week’s Friday 5 theme is “Month is a strange word” and it kind of is. Let’s get to it.

  1. November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. Are you a peanut butter lover? What are some ways you enjoy consuming it?
    House Russell LOVES peanut butter. I prefer creamy. WM prefers chunky so we are a 2-jar household. Peanut butter on hot toast can’t be beat. I also love experimenting with quick peanut sauces for noodles.
  2. November is National Roasting Month. What did you most recently roast, and how did it come out?
    It’s been a while, because it’s not exactly cold enough yet for me to get into roasting, but love roast chicken with just salt, pepper, and fresh lemon juice.
  3. November is National Gratitude Month, which of course leads to the American Thanksgiving holiday. What are you particularly grateful for this month?
    Curmudgeonly answer: I’m grateful these *^@*&^#&* movers are finally showing up. The company is a moving broker that subcontracts out the move to smaller companies, but those who are moving apparently share a semi so there is waiting and scheduling involved. And I’ve been reading nightmare stories about moving scams for 3 months now.
    Kim is a normal human being” answer: I am grateful to see so many kiddos getting their COVID vaccinations. Nephew A has an appointment soon and it’s a huge relief.
  4. November is National Inspirational Role Models month. Who are some of your inspirational role models?
    Eleanor Roosevelt has always been my go-to. Some of her views are terrible in modern eyes, but sadly on-par for what was expected then. But to come from being an insecure, finishing school girl into being a leader and a diplomat in her own right, WHILE having 6 kids in 10 years (and losing one), and surviving a marriage to a philandering husband is a feat. Martha Stewart has incredible hustle in her Third Act. Stacey Abrams, who could have made an national run after her failed Gubernatorial effort, but instead of biting at national fame/fortune she decided to work locally and work on voter inequality in Georgia. It’s nice to see a breakout stay at the local level a little longer to effect change (*cough*Beto*cough*).
  5. November is National Family Stories Month. What’s an oft-told story in your family?
    Nothing repeatable here!

Tomorrow the movers come, I have to cram in at least 2 hours of studying, and attempt to make hot chocolate bombs for a thing I’m demonstrating for work in December. Yes, I volunteered to demonstrate something I don’t know how to do. Are we surprised?

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  • Confuzzled Bev November 14, 2021 at 4:48 am

    I love peanut butter but Jan is allergic to peanuts so I haven’t had it in years!

  • SMD November 15, 2021 at 1:54 pm

    So Bruce barks at people consistently for a long time until he is well used to them. My poor parents who have been living with us since August. LOL

    I get boosted tomorrow. I am hoping for less of a reaction but we’ll see.