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Autumn Webkeeping

September 28, 2020

As my blog approaches its eighteenth birthday it’s time for some webkeeping.

I created a weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to and receive links to my blog posts. It is sends on Fridays at noon Eastern time. If I don’t blog, I don’t know what happens with the email so I’m considering this both a way to get content to my handful of loyal readers and a way to keep me writing. To subscribe, fill out this form.


When you fill this out, you’ll receive a confirmation email asking you to click a link to complete signing up. This is so you don’t put in your enemy’s name or track down BvP’s email and type it in to prank him. Check your spam folder for this confirmation email, especially if you are a Gmail user.

In the future, you can subscribe by

  • Desktop/large tablets: Clicking the “Click here to subscribe” button in the left hand navigation
  • Mobile: Clicking the “Click here to subscribe” button in the navigation at the bottom of the page
  • All devices: Clicking the “Subscribe by Email” link in the top navigation.

That’s it. Form. Confirmation. Thank you.

You can also find a link to my latest blog post on my Instagram profile, but that’s also an extra click.

I’m pushing the email digest because I unpublished the Facebook page. You’ve probably heard how difficult it is for content creators to get their pages in front of eyeballs on Facebook, even to their own followers. Facebook wants you to pay. Which is completely in their purview – they have to fund people’s rights to spread lies and misinformation somehow, right? Facebook also broke the way I’d get my posts to show up there automatically and constantly shamed me for having only 45 fans of my page.

Since I am shamed regularly by Google Analytics and by my loudly crackling knees, I do not need another source of shame in my life.

I also spent some bucks and bought email hosting. That means that kim **at** kimberussell **dot** com is now a reality! My default address for 15+ years has been ladygypsy **at** gmail **dot** com, which is a remnant of the username I used to have everywhere. I realized this was becoming problematic in 2012 and started migrating away, user account by user account. In 2017 I changed domain names. With this email switch, the only visible ladygypsy account name left is as Pinterest, and as soon as I find something that reflects my common-ass name, I’ll switch that too.

TL;DR — You can now subscribe to an email that will give you my blog posts, and I have a new email address. As always, thank you for taking a little time out of your busy life for the last 18 years to read my ramblings! I appreciate all of you, even if I stink when it comes to replying to comments!

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