September extras

September 30, 2020

Photos and thoughts from September that were a little thin for their own post.

To my surprise and honor I was nominated to serve a term on the Board of Directors of an organization that I’ve been a member of since 2012. This is quite possibly the most mature and professional event that I have ever recorded on this blog. If I’m voted in (it’s a vote by acclamation so even I can’t lose this but it’s me so you never know) my term will start in January. I’ve been making a habit to say “yes” to professional opportunities that are offered to me — even if I initially think I’m not good enough. That bold part is the key. This does not mean accepting every tedious task/assignment/project that others want to offload. Some opportunities are assignments, yes, but not all assignments are opportunities. I wish I knew that when I was younger.

After many months, I made a hair appointment for tomorrow! This is something that many people in my area have done already and have done safely. This (if I don’t cancel) is a big step forward for Scaredy-Kim. I’m looking forward to no longer having Hair of Many Colors. (discarded Dolly Parton song title)

White cake with buttercream frosting.

I made my own birthday cake, using the white cake recipe from Sugar Spun Run. Mine isn’t perfectly white because I don’t have clear vanilla extract. Not a big deal – I was going for a wedding cake flavor rather than a supremacist interior. I also used Sugar Spun Run’s buttercream frosting recipe, and WM called it the best frosting I have ever made. He’s correct. I tinted it lavender because it’s my damn birthday and if I want a purple cake I get a purple cake. I will use these recipes for the rest of my life.

Murphy had some ugly red bumps on the end of his tail which were causing him no end of angst, so WM took him to the vet. A round of steroids and some ointment seem to be doing the trick.

Apple Watch Series 6 40mm screen on a small wrist.

My Kwatch never calibrated my walks correctly, so I returned it and bought the Apple Watch Series 6. It arrived two days ago and also doesn’t calibrate my walks correctly. Two different watches, two different WatchOS versions, same problem? I has to be me. And I named the new one Kwatch as well.

A meme from a Facebook group I belong to.

The Chris Christie photoshops will never not be funny.

I’m changing how I use Facebook for the time being. This week I unfollowed all of my friends but kept friendships so I can still wish happy birthday and check in on people individually. Unfollowing means I just don’t see what they say and share, and more importantly what their goofball friends and relatives are spewing on their posts and by default, MY wall. I’m a member of some groups that I enjoy (see above) and this keeps my wall locked down to group posts and ads. It’s a dumbed-down Reddit and so far I really enjoy it.

See you next year, September.

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