Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

October 2, 2020

In the latest news from your favorite menopausal gamer, I bought Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout from the Steam store a little while ago and I’m hooked. Imagine Wipeout and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge as a videogame, played with 59 other people controlling bean-shaped characters and you’ll have Fall Guys.

Yes, I dressed my little bean like a Tiki Bird. I fell into a lot of slime in order to be able to afford the costume.

Each “show” is a series of elimination events. The events can be obstacle courses, team competitions, or even memory challenges. Make it to the end and you’ll get a crown. Crowns (and kudos, what you get just for playing) can be redeemed in their store for different outfits and emotes for your characters. I have two crowns because I won once and was given another crown as a bonus for leveling my character.

It is a LOT of fun, and very easy to jump in and out of at will. Because you’re actually playing against other people, there are going to be all different play styles, including griefing and cheating. Yes, some people will grab you to keep you from moving forward, or run into you and push you off the ledge or into an obstacle. Yes, some people have hacked into the game to give themselves extra speed or higher jumps. It is what it is. The best part is that there is no voice or text chat associated with the game so you don’t have to worry about trash talk. Plus, even if they are eliminated early on, your little bean is always happy with how they did.

UNLIKE ME. I can’t play for more than a few games at a time because I’m a very competitive person. I’m pushed on purpose I will push back because I’m old enough to be these players’ mother or grandmother and nobody’s the boss of me! (mutters about respecting gaming elders) There are two events (Fruit Chute and Slime Climb) that I haven’t beaten yet and it’s eating away at my soul.

Fall Guys is $19.99 on the Steam Store. I did not buy any of the extra addon packs, because I didn’t feel the need to spend extra money just for outfits and emotes. I’d say this is good for all ages, but would be frustrating for little kids with not-great fine motor skills.

I think it’s going to be a very video-game heavy fall/winter here at the House on Literary Lane.

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