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State of the Wardrobe

September 23, 2020
dog on my bed, among piles of clothing

My wardrobe has two distinctly different styles: WORK (biz casual, blazers, fancy sweaters, dresses, jeans), or SLOB (fleece, elastic, hoods). Now that I’m working from home until at least January I’m trying to upgrade SLOB to include comfortable clothing that looks good on camera. That black and white long sleeved tee on top is from Old Navy and is very soft while looking professional, especially if I add a necklace. The stripes are spaced widely enough so as to not be a menace on camera. That’s called the moire effect – you can trust me because I majored in television. The leopard print top is cotton henley. Again, very comfortable without being a sweatshirt that says COLLEGE. I’m finding Old Navy and JCrew Factory to be good sources for my #BossSlob look.

Here, Murphy is absolutely helping with the laundry. Remember when I had a no dogs on the bed rule? I do too. I keep telling myself to be firm, but then I end up smooching his snoot because he’s the cutest black-and-white dog I’ve ever had.

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