Off the Wagon

August 28, 2020

Many of you know that I played World of Warcraft (WoW) for MANY years. I left the game for good* about 4 years ago because houses are WORK and keeping a WoW character current is also WORK.

World of Warcraft Classic Edition came out a year ago August 26th. It’s the very first version of WoW, before expansions. Back when it was even HARDER than it is currently. I resisted it.

I resisted it for 50 weeks.

But I started playing Diablo again during that time and Diablo is also a Blizzard game. So obviously I was being hit with WoW promotions everytime I started up the Blizzard app.

I don’t know if its (waves hands) everything going on, but hearing that loading music and seeing the awful graphics brought me back to a much simpler time. Because this version of WoW is from time before my beloved Blood Elf Paladin existed, I had to create two original Horde characters.

World of Warcraft characters
Introducing Lyotta and Kevashandia

Of course Horde. Because I’m a savage.

Lyotta is a variation of Leota, the mage I had from my first go-round in WoW. Leota was already taken because it’s a great name for an Undead and I sat on my thumbs for 50 weeks resisting the game. Lyotta is a frost mage, because that’s the only kind I know how to play.

Kevashandia’s name is from the random name generator. She’s a Troll holy priest, the only type of priest I know how to play.

I have been having so much fun running away from things in this game.

lyotta fleeing
Lyotta being pursued by numerous Dalaran wizards.

Lyotta does have a cockroach pet, given to her by a guildie. Spike (WoW’s most traveled cockroach) isn’t in this photo because she just retrieved her corpse and had no time to summon him.

Everything old is old again.


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  • Steve "Kestrel" Hall August 28, 2020 at 10:46 am

    Hah. I, too, got back into WoW in July after a 4-year hiatus (well, I was playing other games–ESO, SWTOR to name a couple). But I went back to the standard game, not Classic. However, I abandoned my 11 level 100 characters (all Alliance) to roll up a BElf Pally. Also have gotten a Demon Hunter (easy class to play) to 120.

    The two newest expansions–Legion and Battle for Azeroth seem to have as much content as everything else that went before–combined! (They don’t, really, but there is a LOT.)

  • Brian Z. (Also misses WoW) August 28, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    I heart all of this so hard, obvs.