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Throwback Thursday: High school bowling

September 19, 2013

Not purely new content, as it was originally on Facebook. But behold the high school bowler. Are high school yearbooks still printed in black and white? Do they still deliver them via stagecoach?

1989? 1990?

My hair was ombre back when ombre meant you screwed up your sun-in application.

We had a work bowling party last week and I still hurt. Mostly my left knee, which will probably be the bane of my existence for the rest of my days on this pale blue dot.

I’ll also mention right here that with my meager 139 WITH A HOUSE BALL AND HOUSE SHOES, I was the best bowler on my team. For a few moments I considered bowling a game or two a week again.

And then I collapsed like a Jenga tower.

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  • Jen Barnes Dukelow September 19, 2013 at 11:03 am

    Yearbooks these days are mostly in color and cost around $95. My kids only got one their senior year cause of the price. UGH.