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March 16, 2013



Dear 2003-era diary,

What a week it’s been. I was sad because a coworker left. Then I was snubbed by someone. Pretty obviously, too. And then there was a presentation at work put on by our outgoing group of college co-ops that made me feel old. I mean really old. As in, “there was a powerpoint slide detailing the differences between college life of 20 years ago and college life today” old.

Then on Thursday morning, I was walking the dogs and accidentally twisted my leg. Ollie tugged at the leash a bit — it wasn’t a hard tug, but unexpected as I was dealing with a poop-filled bag and not paying attention — and while my left leg twisted, my foot stayed planted on the ground and my knee said, “WTF?” I went to work anyway, and the leg got worse as the day progressed. Today I worked from my sofa (I love my 21st century job!) and followed the RICE advice for a sprain/strain/non-broken body part: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

I’m not hobbling as much tonight as I was this morning, which is good. But my right side is screaming because I’ve been babying the left side. My stomach has been mad since I had pizza at work a few days ago. My head hurts because I haven’t had coffee in 2 days because my stomach’s bugging. My eyes are itchy and I’m sneezing because my spring allergies are starting to kick in.

There’s a bead show tomorrow in Cherry Hill and a craft show in Pennsylvania on Sunday that I want to go to, but I really shouldn’t because I’m hobbling. I have a lot of travel coming up in April and I need this knee as close to 100% as I can get.

Oh, and Google’s killing Google Reader in July, which is how I’ve kept track of the many websites I follow for years now. Revenue (or lack thereof) is likely the number one reason, but the number two reason (according to the pundits) is that RSS is an old and dying technology, and younger people don’t read or follow blogs, preferring to get links and content from social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Blogs are dying. I can see that — my stats have dropped steadily over the last few years. Personally I think having to search through (bookmark?) a bunch of FB or Twitter pages for site updates is a big step backward from the efficiency of having all the content in one spot, but what do I know?

So I’m taking Pepto for the stomach, ibuprofen for the knee and eye drops for my itchy eyes. It’s too late in the day for me to take Claritin. I downloaded the Feedly app for Chrome to replace Reader.

But as of this moment I feel like a giant loser of a woman, daughter, wife, friend, coworker and all around human being.

I’m not opening comments on this one or sharing it on FB because I’m not fishing for compliments or reassurances – just documenting how I feel on this day. I try to keep my blog authentic, which means it isn’t always rainbows, pixie dust and cute dogs. I’ll feel better in a day or two, and I’ll smile at this post in a few weeks.

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