Things I miss about the C-P

TNP is awesome, so far. In every way. But I do miss some things about the place I toiled at for 12 years. Like:

The way the office smelled every morning: newspapers and fresh brewed coffee. How can a workday be bad if it starts out smelling like a Sunday morning? (workday suck often triumphed over the pleasant aroma)

My plucky family of coworkers.

Proximity to shopping. There are no stores in lunchtime-walking-distance to TNP.

The patch of grass in the parking lot where I used to pitch my beach chair and read in the warm weather.

Admin privileges on my PC. Every day there is an Adobe update I can’t install. Drives me crazy.

The pride of working for the local newspaper. Love it or hate it, everyone knew of the Courier-Post. And we did good things. I believe if we weren’t owned by Gannett we’d have done even better things. But I used to see the trucks go by and smile because I was a part of that. It used to be really good.

…and that’s about it.


  • Hi Kim, great news, I’m truly happy for all the new doors you’ll be going through this year. I enjoyed my 5 years at the C-P, with you, Damon etc, I’m sorry to hear that it went down hill the people were truly the best part. All the best and keep blogging

    • I think the time we were all there together was the Golden Age for me. We grew online while being almost completely ignored by the high-up muckety-mucks who were all about print.

      • I agree. They didn’t know what to do with us, so they melded us with Marketing. Luckily they were a good bunch to be with too !

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