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I'm okay, you're okay, Governor Corzine's okay! (long)

August 4, 2007

Apparently bellyaching works!

I went to the audiologist yesterday with much trepidation and after being subjected to a cryptic series of beeps, she told me I was the same as last year. SAME AS LAST YEAR!!! I haven’t been this relieved in a while. So instead of my hearing getting worse year to year, “it is what it is.” And that’s so great…it really is.

To celebrate and kill the time before my eye appointment, Mom and I went to the Short Hills Deli in Cherry Hill for a breakfast. The bill for both of us came to about $8.00 (the same we’d have spent at where we were going originally, Starbucks) and when it was time, we mosied to the counter to pay. (Well Mom was paying – thanks Mom!)

There was a middle-aged guy at the counter in a navy suit, paying his bill. He had 2 navy suited guys behind him, arms crossed. All of a sudden..the little flicker lightbulb appears above my head. Mom’s too.

Mom: (nudges me, and mouths the words) Is that..?
Me: (silently mouths) Governor Corzine?
Mom: (silently mouths) Governor Corzine!

Sweet merciful crap!
Our governor, who was in a very nasty car accident back in April, was 5 feet in front of us!

Mom: (now silently ‘speaks’ to one of the crossed-arm men behind the Governor while sneakily pointing at the Gov.) Is that Governor Corzine?
Aide: (silently nods)
Me: (makes eye contact with the aide, twitches my head twice in Corzine’s direction and makes a super-secret handshake motion)
Aide: (silently nods)

Me: Governor Corzine?
Corzine: Yes?
Me: (offers my hand) It’s great to meet you and see that you’re doing so well!
Corzine: (shakes my hand) Thank you! It’s great to be up and working again, and I’ve been hearing that from so many people, it’s wonderful.
Mom: Nice to meet you! (shakes hands with the governor. She says something else, but honestly I’m just so “whoa” at the whole situation, I can’t remember. Hey, Mom…let us know in the comments what you said to the guy!)

A big black Escalade pulls up in front of the deil and the Governor and his guys leave, waving to us.

Me: Travel safely! (an inadvertantly wiseass thing to say, isn’t it? I’m so smooth. Could you imagine how eloquent I’d been had I actually voted for the guy?)

What ensued next was a minor scuffle as Mom tried to prevent me from taking a cellphone pic of the Governor in the parking lot. She was afraid that someone would take my phone. As he was neither Britney Spears or Brangelina, I wasn’t worried. By the time I put Mom into a sleeper hold and snapped the photo, they were already in the SUV. So here’s my measly proof.

the governor’s suv

He was very nice and cordial. He could have just blown us off (because as a Democrat in NJ, he’s a shoo-in and really didn’t need votes from 2 goofy ladies in a Cherry Hill deli.) but he took the time to talk to us. And that was cool. Oh, his lapel pin was of the American flag and the NJ state flag.

The eye appointment went well too and I didn’t need bifocals. I’ll show off my new glasses to you tomorrow. 🙂

edited to add: by the way, I Twittered this yesterday. I’m finally warming up to that little app.

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  • Wandering Minstrel August 4, 2007 at 10:42 am

    Nibbles in ’08!

  • Brian August 5, 2007 at 10:44 pm

    Wow! I had a similar encounter, well, not exactly similar in that the governor wasn’t Corzine then and it wasn’t at a restaurant, but kind of similar, on Halloween day in 2003. Check my blog post from the day. Basically, if you see strange guys suits in a setting where you might not expect to see them, odds are you’re near the governor.

  • Tommy August 6, 2007 at 6:36 am

    That is a great “celebrity sighting”!!!!