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Eye on style

August 5, 2007

I don’t need bifocals! In fact, my prescription stayed pretty much the same, so “Doctor Appointment Friday” was win-win! I had photographs of my retinas (retinae?) taken, which was extremely cool.

eyeballs eyeballs rolling down the street

I should have asked why they’re orange. Can’t find any info on it online, either. Anyway, those are 2 healthy eyeballs.
I did need new frames since my old trusty glasses have been Mcguyver-ed back to health more than I care to admit. So I took my Sugar Daddy with me to LensCrafters. I wanted similar frames, but it seems that glasses seem to be getting smaller and smaller lately. I ended up with these rectangular frames that are supposed to work for an oval-shaped face like my own. I think they make me look like a cool intellectual.

the thinker

I also splurged on sunglasses, which are slightly larger than what I’m used to. I like’em because they look very Hollywood.

movie star

The top I’m wearing in the first pic is from Old Navy, and is billed as one of their new styles for fall.


Yes, it looks like it’s from the Mrs. Roper maternity collection but omigosh. Wow. After struggling for years with styles that are hellbent on exposing everything from underboob to mid-butt, this is amazing. It HIDES the butt. It barely even touches my body. It looks good with my capri jeans. It looks good with my leggings (yes, I have a pair) It’s a TENT! And it’s a stylish tent to boot! God Bless America!

1) Yes, the webcam view has changed a bit, as we finally got around to setting up both computers. We shimmied mine around a bit to get me away from the air conditioner. Chilly!
2) I’m going to start replying to comment questions in comments. I hesitated at first because it seemed weird to be responding to my own post, but by not replying it looks like I’m ignoring everyone. And since I recently declared email bankruptcy and deleted my “ANSWER THIS EMAIL!” folder of years-old email, it’s just quicker to answer via comments. So shall it be done!

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