Drinking sticks and dirt.

Blech! Yick! Sticks! Dirt!

So one of the ladies at work tells me her son’s losing weight in droves because of this Enviga drink. So I picked up a can of the Green Tea flavor at the local 7-11 which is, sadly, not a Qwik-E-Mart. Enviga claims to be a natural metabolism booster and therefore negative calories to drink.

It sounds like a good deal, but unfortunately it tastes like sticks. And dirt. I could only get through half a can.

So yeah, another get-skinny-quick thing that I fell for, albeit for a few minutes. At least I haven’t fallen for the Alli diet pill. How’s it work? It prevents you from digesting 25% of your fat intake. So you have to have a low-fat diet or … well … there’s a LOT of fat you don’t digest. And since you don’t digest it… it comes out. In embarrassing ways. Am VERY glad I read up on this before flocking toward it.

And yes…I realize the appearance of the Pocky in the picture completely cancels out any perceived seriousness on my part about losing a pound or 10.


  • Be very careful when taking tablets which absorb fat as you can suffer from really, really bad constipation. You have been warned. Good luck. That can of drink sounds revolting. I hear Nettle tea is really good. Cheers.

  • Tony tells me that Enviga is being sued do to its claims… they say any highly caffeinated drink will burn calories.

    I do like the high dose of green tea in it.

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