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I'm going to Disneyworld!!

February 7, 2007

Mom and I will be doing another crazy 4-day weekend there at the beginning of March. It’s been quite a while since I stepped foot in my favorite place in the world. Yes, I was at Disneyland in July, but I was a bit distracted with “The Sundering” and all.


I never thought I’d get back to WDW. The memories will always persist and there will be ghosts of relationship past at every turn. But I’m healing.

And maybe it’ll be Kim 3.0 that manages to get picked to be the Grand Marshall of the 3:00 Parade.

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  • Tommy February 8, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    I’m thinking of going to see “The Mouse” too, but in August. I’m being outvoted on this. However the MGM Studios looks pretty cool….