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Weekend roundup

February 5, 2007

It was quite a lovely weekend!

(waits a few for the shock to die down)

Friday I ended up going to happy hour with a group from work. I hadn’t gone in the longest time, and I had a ball. Not only was I asked for ID (am I the only one who can get an AARP card and “carded” in the same week?) but I won my first game of pool (as an adult) ever! It was strictly luck, as I have no pool talent that deviates from hitting the cue ball straight on. I tried my first shot of Jaegermeister, too. Yeah, I’m hitting adulthood late.

Saturday I hung around the house and caught up on some reading and World of Warcraft. I have a new character, a Draeni mage, and I’m finding it easy to level her up. She’s already 22.

Tonight I went to MomnJohn’s for a Superbowl Big Game party. Last Superbowl Big Game was not-so-good for me personally and I went this year to try and erase those memories. It worked. I thought Prince did a great job at halftime and wondered if the geriatrics of the past few years (Sir Paul?) would have gone out in the pouring rain and given it their all. The commercials were underwhelming and I was rooting for the Bears so Prince was my highlight.

My favorite SuperBowl Big Game halftime show was in 2001, when Aerosmith, Mary J. Blige, NSync, Britney Spears and Nelly shared the stage and sang “Walk this Way.” You may question the talent of some of those involved but they really did mesh together well.

I met Kristen’s new puppy, Piper. She is pitch-black (save a few tiny white spots) has crazy puppy fur and that sweet puppy smell. I’m completely in love and if my romantic future doesn’t pan out as planned, I’m going to surround myself with dogs and cats.

One thing I forgot to do was laundry — I piss away too much time on the PC — so there is no fun for me today until it’s all washed, folded, and put away.

And as for the AARP? I’m going to shell out the $10 and join. After all, they offered. I also want to see if they’re honorable enough to return said $10 once they see my birthdate.

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