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I was neither Mary Poppins nor Mrs. Incredible nor Mother Nature. Those’ll have to wait for next year, when I actually FEEL like making a costume.

Every year we celebrate Halloween at my job-that-is-the-most-awesomest-of-jobs. Naturally, I dressed up for the entire day, because it’s HALLOWEEN, PEOPLE!

Coworker S came in with her guy T and their baby, Quinn. This is the first I’ve seen the baby since the day after he was born. He is by far the cutest baby ever born at our job. And not just because he kept trying to grab my breast as I held him.

Yep. He definately sent Left Ovary into a tizzy. And here’s the proud Mama with her baby boy.

Coworker D was Earl. He came in third place at the costume contest. Behind “Holy Mackeral” (a very nicely constructed sparkly fish costume) and “Hurricane Wilma” (too hard to explain). Remember that hair color he’s sporting — I may be borrowing it in the future.

And finally…here’s the money shot. The Dread Pirate ‘Turquoise Blue,’ Hunter of Treasure, Taker of Men…

(aka she-who-steps-on-her-own-dress)

We didn’t even go through 2 bags of candy tonight. Trick or Treat time was 3 – 7pm and by the time I got home, most had already come by. Meh. More for me. We’re not having the Halloween party this year..not even a Halloweeklater party, since we couldn’t arrange things in time. Kind of a bummer.

But you know what? I still love Halloween. I’m still wearing the pirate costume, and I’ll probably end up wearing it the rest of the night. It’s super comfortable. And I feel pretty bad-ass in it.

My treat to you? I’m putting the full text of my posts into my RSS feed. Good karma and all.


  • Oh my gawd he is sooo cute for some reason seeing him in pictures is like meeting him all over again… my ovary is screaming, AGAIN! haha JK maybe in a few years!!!

    Proud mamafrascal

  • Way snazzy Lady Pirate costume, there. “Taker of Men”? Hee. You are the coolest.

    No one dressed up at my job except one geeky financial pundit, and he was on a remote anyway. Bah. Or should I say “Yarrrrrrr”? ^_^

    (Already 404 words into my NaNo!)

  • You are so cute…you just are…(& I can relate to your left ovary tizzy…).

    I like how you put all the books you’ve read on your sidebar…& when you finished them, great idea.

  • ack… I have two kids that are finally BOTH in school and (supposedly anyway) giving me some semblance of a “normal” life again at least 1/2 the week. So y’know… I KNOW better. But seeing itty bitty brand new babies… *STILL* puts me in a semi-frantic “I Want Another Baby” mode.
    …at least until the kids get home from school & start picking on each other… then I sigh & think… “fshew–I don’t THINK so!” 🙂

    I absolutely love your costume. 🙂

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