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O Happy (Satur)day!

September 24, 2005

Went to Curves this morning. That franchise certainly loves Cher. There’s a whole techno-Cher Curves soundtrack in rotation. Thirty minutes of Cher and I’m ready to go shag a bagel boy. Two trips around the Curves circuit leaves me tired, but feeling that I accomplished something.

Tonight we’re going with the Blackwells to see a Camden Riversharks game> Long time readers will know that every time we go to a game with John and Erin, it rains. Tonight should be clear.

Tomorrow I head out to the “Big G” corporate office for the Online Managers meeting. I’ll get to see “Old Boss” again and will probably beat the crap out of him for leaving and recommending me for this big ol’ soulsucking job that I have now.** I’ll have the laptop and possibly the webcam with me, so I’ll be open for chatting at night when I’m bored. (Yahoo IM: ladygypsy) I should be home Wednesday night in time for yoga.

While I’m gone, my esteemed coworkers will be templating up our ‘intersitital’ CPO site redesign for a mandatory Friday launch. Then we get started on a REAL redesign. Wheee!

Monday night’s dinner will be “Luau” themed so we were asked to bring a Hawaiian shirt and/or Bermuda shorts. You may NOT believe this, but I have a tropical-themed sundress. I bought it for an event that’s fast approaching…but I bought it 1 size smaller than my current size. Last night I slipped it on and it fit. Whoa! You mean exercise and cutting back food offers results? You don’t say!

I have 3 weeks to lose 7 or 8 more lbs. So I can put it back on. Then take it off again, plus 20 more, for giggles.

Last year BvP and I hosted a Halloween party here. Unfortuantely, he’s working Halloween weekend. (All the other holidays are taken.) I still want a party though, so I was thinking of a…”Hallo-weeklater” party. That sounds a lot cuter than it looks written out.

Potential costumes so far:

  • Mrs. Incredible. Pros: Recognizable. Forgiving of a womanly curves below the waist. Cons: Expensive.
  • Mary Poppins Pros: Original. Kind of fitting, personality wise. Cons: Not very recognizable, since Mary has more than one outfit throughout the movie. Would have to make/find most of it myself.
  • Mother Nature. Pros: Timely, with hurricanes and all. Cons: Nobody outside of myself would know who I was unless I wore a sash that said, “MOTHER NATURE!!!!111111!!!”

** I don’t hate my job. It just sounds that way at times. I’ve learned more about myself and other people during this almost 2 years than I would have had I stayed at my old position. But somedays I reallly miss the creativity I had before. But with 2 redesigns to do…I think I’m getting my creative fill again.

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  • DMadCat September 25, 2005 at 2:36 pm

    Put on the Mother Nature outfit, strap on a portable fan and go as hurricane Katrina… O.O