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Public appearance!

September 16, 2005

I’ll be making a public appearance tomorrow morning at South Jersey’s Biggest Yard Sale at Campbell’s field parking lot in Camden tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning from 5am – 8:30am, that is. If you’ve reserved a table, you’ll see my smiling face wearing a yellow “EVENT STAFF” shirt, a safety reflective orange vest, and weilding an orange light when it’s dark and an orange flag when it’s light. I’ll be directing cars toward the parking lot. Please be nice to me. Lots of people who have tables there and are waiting to park aren’t nice to us. Remember…none of us are getting paid to work the event. We volunteer.

After that, I’ll be returning home, picking up some guests, and returning to shop (sans yellow “staff” shirt). Last year I bought a bike that I never rode. I wonder what crappy thing I’ll get this year?

Note to Erin: I’m working on tracking down a “Kim as Martha” photo. I recall posting it somewhere…

Note to John: I took 14 pics of the spider tonight…none of which came out well. You’re going to have to come over to see it. 🙂

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