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August 2, 2005

CoWorker S has left work to go have her baby. She usually starts work at 5:30 am to check the site..make sure all the links work. Basically, the stuff I used to do before I curiously grabbed the bottom rung of the corporate ladder and pulled the darn thing down on top of me. But she’s off until mid-October now — for a delightful reason. Which is why I’m up at 6:15 am.

Noblesse oblige.

Work is a major stress lately. The Big Summer Project is coming along swimmingly — but it’s sucking up tons of my time. It launches next week; however, we have a Big Fall Project due on 9/30. So now I have very little time to do the grip-and-grin part of my job, so I guess the other departments think I’m pulling away. I tell ya…once the first week of October comes around…mmmm….bliss.

Good news: The Big Summer Project will end my having to wake up early to check the site. Hopefully. 😉

So because I’m awake so early, I’m going to go to the gym. But to put that off a bit…let’s kick this thing old skool, homes.

Wt: Who the hell knows? I’m going to the gym this morning, so you KNOW it’s not all that great. 25 minutes on treadmill, 8 assisted chinups
Breakfast: I’ll have some grapenuts, thanks. Skim milk done!
Lunch: Quiznos small sierra smoke turkey, light chips and a diet mt. dew.
Dinner: Unknown. BvP is working his new overnight schedule, so I’m on my own this evening.
Work Docket: Meeting at 9:30. Conference call at 10:30. It’s the end of the month! Yay. So today I run reports on revenue and make sure that it jives accordingly with accounting’s version. This will, no doubt, include physical counting of ads. I need to get my ducks in a line for tomorrow’s training sessions — which will interfere with my attendance of the Big Weekly Meeting. Continuing work on Big Summer Project, plus a banner redo.
Evening plans: If I’m smart, I’ll put in an hour or so on the Big Summer Project from home. If I’m dumb I’ll play World of Warcraft. (Sandriara is now lvl 27 on ShadowSong.)
Dreams: I usually only remember bits and pieces. Last night I went on a road trip with Jason Kottke (platonically), swam in a hotel pool (sans Kottke) and had a friendly encounter with my Big Boss who told me I didn’t have to worry about the Big Weekly Meeting tomorrow because the weather was going to be nice and he was going to cancel it anyway. Then he laughed, Dr. Hibbert-style.

To the gym, Jeeves! Maybe the dry cleaner will be open on the way back. BvP took a bunch of my stuff there last week, and I’m tired of wearing the same 4 outfits. 😉 done!

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  • Mel August 2, 2005 at 12:25 pm

    Hey wait a minute! Is she having the baby now??? Isn’t it kind of early??? What’s going on?

  • Kimberly August 2, 2005 at 2:40 pm

    Nah…you get 4 weeks before due date off if your doc writes a note. Drop her an email and ask her about the fun with her due date. 🙂

  • Ani August 2, 2005 at 5:14 pm

    Good luck with all the extra work. These two weeks at work have been horrid for me!

  • Tommy August 2, 2005 at 9:31 pm

    Glad to see the Old Skool stuff is back. Although Ladygypsy is always an entertaining site, it was this stuff that made it unique.