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Goooooood morning!

June 28, 2005

Breakfast: Bowl of grapenuts; 1/2 c fat free milk — 5 points.

Yes, readers…time again for Diet, take 37.

Baron vonPlaque finished his last night at Current Hospital. He just ran into the house and tore off his royal blue scrubs like a cross between Hulk Hogan and that little girl who was napalmed in Vietnam. Nice way to start one’s day, no?

His stint at New Hospital starts in July. He’ll be passing his time by visiting his folks and attempting to fly his plane, the “Unnamed Plane.”

Back to work yesterday, and all was not as grim as I thought it would be. I have weeks of reports to catch up on by noon. But I’m not stressing, which is odd. Here’s a snippet of my day yesterday.

Me: Online! This is me speaking!
Reader: Hi…this is “Reader”…can you tell me why SuchAndSuch’s page hasn’t been updated since March?
Me: Really? (checks) Wow. That’s odd. All the other pages in that section seem to be okay.
Reader: Is SuchAndSuch still writing?
Me: Sure…I’m pretty sure I saw SuchAndSuch last week. Let me take your name/number and give you a call back when we get it up to date.
Reader: Okay!

Me (to coworker Damon): Hey…SuchAndSuch’s page hasn’t been updated since March. Have any clue why? The script seems fine.
D: SuchAndSuch is on a leave of absence. Has been since March.
Me: (stunned) I thought I saw him last week.
D: No…no you didn’t.

Worst. Manager. Ever.

Updated the ‘reading’ links to the side. Yeah. I’m all over the place.

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