Lazy Holiday Weekend

July 3, 2005

I’m sorry, Internet…I’ve nothing exhilirating to blog about.

Baron vonPlaque is home visiting his family again, (with my brand new PlayStation Portable) and I’m left to putter about the house, working on computer networks, and the like. I turned down the opportunity to go to Live 8 yesterday to stay home and putter about. Cleaned a bathroom. Lost some money at the Borgata. Same old story.

Oh! I fell down the basement stairs yesterday! That’s somewhat exciting. In the most graceless way possible, I fell forward, my foot slammed on the ground, my ankle fell over, I pitched shoulder-first into the wall, bounced over onto my butt and ended up with some aches, pains and a rug burn. How’d it happen? I didn’t turn the basement light on and I didn’t have my glasses on, so I missed a step on the way down. A mistake that, if I were living alone in my 90s, my kids would use against me to put me in a nursing home. Glad I’m 32.

I have custody of CourierPostOnline this weekend so even my sleep schedule is off. I was up at 5:00am and spent an hour linking together all the Live 8 stories. Then went to the sofa to snooze a bit more.

We’re having a “Send LadyGypsy and Baron vonPlaque to the Caribbean” yard sale next Saturday. Wanna come? You just might. I’m toying with the idea of doing “YardSaleCam,” where I point my webcam out the window at the hapless folks whose idea of a great Saturday morning is pawing through my collection of Beanie Babies. (smoke free home, tag protectors, some in plastic bags..etc)

My summer reading’s coming along nicely, even though I made no definate resolution to read more this summer. I need to read some more Arthurian legends. What draws me to that genre is that every one is wholly different. In Mary Stewart’s trilogy, of which I’m on book 3, Morgause is the witch who lured her unknowing half brother to her bed, and Morgan is (for now) just Arthur’s sister. It’s usually the other way around. I read Miles’ Guenevere trilogy a few years a back. In that one, Arthur’s a church-controlled moron, Merlin is evil, and Gwen’s a pagan. In “Mists of Avalon,” Morgan’s a gentle misunderstood priestess of Avalon (who sort-of-unknowingly slept with her younger brother as part of a pagan ritual instilling him as King) and Gwen’s a lunatic right wing Christian fundie.

Geek alert: The coolest part of this story is that the guy in the photo is playing World of Warcraft. And I recognized it instantly. Pray for me.

Anyhoo, courtesy of Ani’s site, here’s a neat little quiz for the boozy holiday weekend. Wow. I DID have a lot to write about.


?? Which Alcoholic Drink Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

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