blue ball o death

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Blue ball of death
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We took a tour of the building today. the place is totally ginormous. As we were walking through the full service cafeteria — bigger than those at the WDW hotels — our guide said forlornly, ‘well…there USED to be music in the cafeteria…’

how, dear reader, am I supposed to sympathize with that? ‘oh…i totally feel your pain. There was once a guy who used to whistle in front of our vending machines…’

thee is also gannett bottled water for sale. Sheesh.

The pic above is the infamous blue ball. There was lots of giggling but no touching.

The rest of the class is down at the bar. Believe it or not, i’m pretty shy in social situations. It’s hard for me to just pull up a chair to a group and join in. So it’s tempting to hide up here all night.

Tomorrow we should be done at 3 or so. This new system is daunting and is going to make for a very busy summer. I have a lot of good ideas for the site now…it was good to talk to other online managers.

speaking of…time to go be social.

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  • ryn: *enormous grin* …how many girls you wonder? I am sure quite a few. My guess would be far more than even realize/would admit to it. 🙂

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