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November 18, 2004


Home sick today. Usually, I’d feel guilty, but the last sick day I took (according to my blog) was in August, and April before that. That’s the good thing about having a blog. I can look these things up!

As I slept last night, I felt chilly and sweaty simultaneously, which brings the word fever to mind. Since my doctor, WebMD, says to stay home when you have a fever…home I stayed.

After I called out, I fell back asleep until 2:00ish. Max and Charlie stayed in bed with me. I guess Max knew I was off my game; when I woke up I found his favorite toy – a stuffed squeaky bone – on my chest. Maybe he thought it would make me feel better?

So here I am, on my sofa with tons of pillows, my pitcher of water, phone, laptop (duh!), December Martha Stewart Magazine, and a Chinese delivery menu within arms reach. I’m a happy sick girl!

And, if you go to Google, type in ladygypsy and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button…you come here! 🙂 But, if you type in my real name, you come up with a Disney Trip Report that I wrote back in 1999. I was really big on LOL-ing then. Sorry about that.

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