November 16, 2004


Dear Blog:

I’m very sorry I haven’t written in you like I should have. See, back in October, I signed up to participate in National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to get 50,000 words of fiction written in November’s 30 days. (See my profile here.)

Naturally, I’m behind. But not by much anymore. Tonight I broke the 20,000 word threshold. And I’m proud. (Even though I should be at 26,672 and last time I checked Mom was at 30,000 words) My novel is the worst piece of ‘chick lit’ ever written. But it’s MINE.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, which is basically the only way someone can keep up a website for 2+ years. But I’ve never been very disciplined at it.

Blog, if I can do this, and manage to post the “NaNo WINNER” icon in my right navbar, I will feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Even though I cheated a smidge by working my fondue adventure into the book. But c’mon…it was funny.

We’ve also been painting the guest room to prepare for the arrival of Thor’s parents at Christmas.

So to make up for my negligence, I hereby present to you my Ofoto Disney Cruise album. You don’t even have to sign in to see the pictures. Just click on the link, and click on the “View Photos” button below the photo of the dashing Thor drinking a Coke.

Love, Hugs & Cheesesteaks with Fried Onions and Ketchup,

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