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Weekend in review

July 19, 2004

My weekend in review

lightswitchesWhile I baked 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies for the block party on Saturday, Thor learned how to change our existing bathroom light switches into a light switch/GFCI outlet combo! Our next door neighbor explained the first one, but Thor (should I call him Buzz now?) did the second on his own. We are SUCH the homeowners!

The block party started at 3:00 — and it was incredible! They blocked off our street so that we didn’t have to worry about cars barrelling thorough. There was tons of food, tons of chairs, tons of new neighbors to meet (but sadly, only 4 names remembered), and the fire department even swung by! Not to fight fires, but to let the kiddies play with the firehose and jump through an opened fire hydrant.

My Mom grew up in Philadelphia, and all they had as kids in the summer was a fire hydrant. (I’ll omit how Philadelphia now thinks kids are ENTITLED to taxpayer-funded public pools. Wait, sorry.) Her stories always sounded so fun — we suburb kids didn’t have the fire hydrant action. So when I saw the hydrant opened…

…yes…I ran through. I skipped through the end of the spray, so I didn’t get soaked. I was the only adult to do so.

At nightfall, the kids got glow-bracelets (like Disney!) and the hosts put up a big movie screen. They played some Spongebob movie from a projector hooked up to a laptop computer with a DVD. At that time, we bid adieu and went to see “Anchorman” instead. Wasn’t that great — most funny moments were in the trailer already.

Sunday we went to Lowe’s to pick up some more gardening bricks. We picked up wallpaper removal stuff — some spray goop, a scraper, and a scorer. Our house is wallpapered. Not just wallpapered, WALLPAPERED! Layer upon wildly-printed layer. Flush with pride from installing the new outlets, we decided to start our home improvement experiments in the guest room – aka the room we don’t spend much time in at all incase it turns out ugly. The current wallpaper is white with scads of bright little yellow tulips. Typical 1970’s girl’s room. What lies beneath it? Check out below…


We scraped and scraped. And will continue to scrape throughout the week when we get some spare time and a desire to destroy. And we forgot to buy the garden bricks.

I finally got our old table out of storage on Sunday — it’s now in the kitchen. Although we have a dining room, I really don’t like to eat in there myself. Too formal. When I eat in the living room, I get scared that I’ll drop something on our sofa. And when I eat in the computer room, it’s too informal and I don’t pay attention to the meal. Eating in the kitchen will be wonderful for me. I’ll use a dining room chair until I get to Target to buy some kitchen chairs.

And it wouldn’t be a LadyGypsy weekend unless there was some form of rampant laziness. Thor works nights, so he fell asnooze on the sofa a little before 5pm. Max and I also dozed off at that time.

And we slept until 10pm!

Aw, c’mon! We had worked on the house, it was dreary and rainy, the sofa was comfy, and a warm snuggly dozing pet is the best sleep aid ever.

So I slept through what was to be Coffee & Coping. I slept through my Mom’s phone call asking me when Coffee & Coping was. (sorry, Moo…I suck).

But once I let Max outside and got Thor off to work…I was wide awake. And remained so until 4am. Which renders me USELESS today. Geez…I can’t wait to go home and get some sleep.

Tomrorrow’s the Dave Matthews Band show. “Celebrate we will…for life is short but sweet for certain…”

Big things in store for my humble website. Because the .net extension in my domain name ( stands for network…and you can’t really have a LadyGypsy network unless there is more than one LadyGypsy website! (smirk)

Edited to rectify truly crappy grammar

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