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Menstrua returns

April 30, 2004

Holy crap! What are you doing up at this hour?

(withering sigh) Well…I was out sick today. The Evil Goddess Menstrua kicked a hole in my gut while simultaneously pounding my head with a mallet and making me speak in tongues. She actually started laying waste Wednesday night, and by 8pm Wed night I was ASLEEP. I needed to do 2 things at work this morning, so Thor, Norse God that he is, drove me in and waited in my office until I was done. Sweet man. Sweet, sweet man. Too bad he won’t let you get to know him. 😉

Naturally now I lay awake worrying. Will I be looked down upon? (Rationally: Hell no. I get 10 sick days a year. I never end up using more than 5 of them. If I don’t want to roll around the floor at work with cramps, I should have the right to call out w/o guilt. Right?) Will my mailbox be swamped with email? (Probably, but not with anything that can’t wait until tomorrow.)

After lazing about in an Advil and heatpad induced coma all morning, the pains eased away by 1:30 this afternoon. The feeling of a body finally allowed to relax is pure bliss. I watched another episode of the Sopranos on DVD. That makes 8 episodes watched, and I officially adore Tony’s goofy ‘guilty’ face. I even made it to the gym tonight. Thirty minutes on the treadmill, 10 chinups, 48 stomach crunchies.

And my Beloved Boston Rob lasted another week as the leader of the inept Chaboga Mogo tribe.

Life would be grand, if I didn’t have this damn sick day guilt. Maybe I should get in 30 minutes early to get a jump start on things.

Moving company comes tomorrow to assess our situation and to give a written estimate. Here’s hoping they don’t run out screaming when they see the slope of our stairs and the size of our furniture.

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