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My shame

April 28, 2004

The Scene: An unloved, overfilled suburban apartment. A striking blond woman sits crouched in the corner, hidden by shadows. She clutches a cordless phone in her hands and furtively dials a number. She places the phone to her ear for a moment, and then quickly disconnects the call. Suddenly, Thor, the Norse God of War, arises from his chair, where he was polishing his Hammer of Lightning. He turns to her with an incredulous look upon his face.

Thor: Who did you call?
Striking Blond Woman: Me? Call? Nobody!
Thor: You’re holding the phone.
Thor: It’s obvious you made a phone call. Who did you call?
SBW: Nobody!

(a sad look of realization crosses Thor’s face as he realizes the destination of the phone call)

SBW: (sniffles)
Thor: You…you…
SBW: I voted for American Idol!

(music crescendos)

My favorite is Fantasia, but I simply vote for the best performer. Last night I voted for LaToya. The week before I voted for Jennifer, but you know where that got her. 🙂

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