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Spa night and starting the house-buying episode

February 27, 2004

Tonight was a self-designated spa night. I had some retail therapy today which took me to Bath and Body. I bought the gel lined socks and a pumpkin purifying face mask. The mask smells and looks like real pumpkin slop. I put it on for 10 minutes, then washed it off. My face felt goopy at first, but now it’s very smooth. After my shower I put the gel socks on. They have a squishy lining inside. I’ll wear them all night and hopefully tomorrow my feet will be baby-smooth. They really go through a lot of abuse from wearing my high heels.

O Richard Hatch…my heart grieves for you! It seems that every week that goes by (w/the exception of Tina on week 1) somebody I really enjoy watching gets voted off. I think Mogo Mogo was stupid for not voting Ethan or Colby off. I’ll miss Richard. He’s a gem. From now on, I’ll be rooting for certain people to be voted off. Colby first. There’s something decadent about sitting in a warm house, with a fuzzy bathrobe, gel socks, and a pumpkin mask while watching people voluntarily suffer on a tropical island.

Today was pretty busy. Damon, (my coworker, not to be confused with the millions of other Damons out there) was sick, so it was hairy. Tomorrow I have my Rising Star Luncheon from 11:30 until 2:00. At 5:00pm, Thor and I have an appointment with a mortgage guy.

Yes…we are buying a house soon!

So I have to leave work at 4:30ish. I don’t feel even the smallest twinge of guilt, since I’ve been there at least an hour late every night this week. At 7:00 Mom has a Partylite candle show. You may recall that I went to Tricia’s show a few weeks ago. I’m REALLY running out of Partylite things to buy.


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