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very hungry again

February 17, 2004

Food intake for today: pint of milk, slice of pound cake (c/o Camille, who took a day out of her busy retirement to come and visit us all!), cream of broccoli soup, tall (which is really small) caramel macchiato. Looking back, it wasn’t enough food at all. Need to eat more. Heh…that’s different.

I’m fiercely hungry — the first few days are tough. And when I’m hungry, I’m snappish and surly.

Tonight was my weekly “Coffee&Coping” session with MomnJohn. It’s a lot of fun to vent and rant about the week over a caffeinated beverage…which prompts us to vent and rant even more energetically. I missed American Idol — but I think it’s better that way. Better for all of us. 🙂

Tomorrow is a workout day again. I’m not sure if yoga would count as a workout.

And speaking of work, today we launched the Student Stock Market Game. We’re very proud of it, and I hope we get more entries than last year. Tomorrow I have some meetings (must remember to bring laptop!), and if I have a good day, I will treat myself to half a cheesesteak. Only half.

Honest! 🙂

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