remembering the 80’s

February 18, 2004

Everyone has a song that immediately sends them back to teen years. As hokey the song is, it will always hold a place in your heart.

Mine is Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” which was on the Hysteria album. Released in 1987.

I only hear the song on the “80s and 90s rock” stations now; once in a blue moon. But when I hear it…I’m 15-16 again.

I had a bad perm and yellow “sun-in” streaks. Freaky hair. OK, my hair is still freaky, but then it was freaky and TALL. C’mon, I had a can of “Stiff Stuff” in my locker. ‘Nuff said. Pink sweater. Denim ruffled miniskirt with bike shorts worn underneath. Ankle socks and pumps. Light pink frosted “Wet & Wild” lipstick. Blue eyeliner. After school, I’d go home and dance to Club MTV.

I didn’t buy the Hysteria album — my friend Jennifer had it so I popped the cassette (!!) into my state-of-the-art dual cassette stereo and copied it. I loved the entire album — closest I’ve ever been to being a metalhead I suppose — but I literally wore “Pour Some Sugar on Me” out.

“Step inside…walk this way…you and me babe, hey hey!” Word!

Big hair changes on the horizon. Hold on tight, my dears, but I think I’m going back to my natural color. Which I haven’t seen in (counts) 15 years? I’m estimating that it’s light brown. Yes, the color of my eyebrows. Thank you for noticing that.

Going to get about an inch lopped off of the bottom. And get a blonde stripe or two, as a nod to tradition. Maybe long, sideswept bangs. My hair doesn’t want to lay straight, so I wonder what will happen if I work the waves? Ooo…maybe some brown rimmed glasses too. Let’s work the smoldering corporate look. That’ll be a new one!

To me, a cheesesteak w/fried onions and ketchup is like Will Smith’s victory cigar in “Independence Day.” For lunch today, I had a MOST decadent cheesesteak.

In closing, I’ve come to the conclusion that the cutest guy on the OC is….Sandy. 🙂 I’ve passed the point where I think boys are cute. I like men now.

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