Drooling over Survivor AllStars

February 20, 2004

I saw the new cover of TV guide today. The cover blared, “BEFORE THEY WERE STARS: How TV launched their careers!”

The 3 stars on the cover? Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker. Johnny Depp started out on the laughable 21 Jump Street, and catapulted into movies shortly thereafter. He went from teen fluff to a guy w/serious acting chops.

But as for Jennifer and Sarah Jessica…um…TV didn’t just launch their careers…it’s still their careers. Jennifer has had a few mediocre box office showings. But I have no clue what SJP did between Square Pegs and Sex in the City. Okay…she was in Ed Wood, Hocus Pocus, Mars Attacks! and some other projects I haven’t heard of. (Info c/o the Internet Movie Database)

I didn’t need the TV guide tonight, because Thursday belongs to Survivor All-Stars. I watched Survivors 1 and 2 w/o fail. The others didn’t hold my interest…but I kept track of the shows via the websites and media. And while I still mourn the booting of Rudy, I enjoy seeing the interactions between the players. Loved the back-and-forth between Sue and Richard at the Reward Challenge. Richard Hatch is the MAN! I hope he goes all the way.

But you’d think that after years of watching Survivor (except for Rupert, who apparently came back from his Survivor and went to AllStars a week or two later), they’d have learned…

  • How to make a fire w/o flint or matches
  • How to spearfish
  • How to build basic shelter.

    And while I dislike Jerri, I really felt for her. Sitting in a half-submerged shack during a torrential thunderstorm for hours on end has to suck royally. My least faves are: Jenna L ( she bawled and whined during her Survivor about leaving her babies behind. I guess she didn’t mind leaving them this time around), Amber (has she done anything besides sleep w/Boston Rob?) and Colby (I chuckled when he and Tom collided during the IC.) Faves are Hatch, Big Tom, and Sue.

    As soon as Alicia bragged about how Chapera tribe was so far ahead of the other tribes, I knew they were going to lose the IC. Hubris, Alicia. Look it up.

    I’m very happy that tomorrow’s Friday. Tomorrow night Mom and I are going to a Pampered Chef demonstration. Should be ok…I’ve never been to one before. And after that…I’m going to crawl into bed.

    Like I am now. G’night!

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