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Not as hungry

February 16, 2004

OK. Back to normal. I had tons of water (will be up all night) and a nice bowl of pasta w/tomatoes, basil, and garlic.

Now I’m ever so sleepy. Thor’s still in bed, so I may take out some of the mags that I failed to read last night and sack out on the chair for a bit.

Confession time…I’m back up to 150 lbs — 11 lbs higher than last January. I’m not proud. Actually, I’m very disappointed in myself. But I think it’s just the rude awakening I needed to get back on track. I want to lose 15 lbs by Memorial Day. That’s a mere 5 pounds per month. I can do that! I’ve done it before.

A site that I’ve been checking in on daily is the Girlfriends’ Locker Room. Yes, it’s the rival’s website. But I love the concept. While perusing their site, I found a link to a review of three different frozen ‘healthy’ Chicken Parmesan meals.

Wait!!! *I* did that, too! It’s called my Freezer Burn page. And now it’s been redesigned and is back from the dead. I’ll add some more meals to it real soon. After all, I’m on a diet again. (sigh)

Edited on 5/19/08 to add: Now found at!. And I’d LOVE to be 150 lbs again. Stupid job ruined me.

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