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February 12, 2004

February 12, 2004

On my usual path to work, there is a 4-lane road. The right lane is the slow lane. The left lane travels MUCH faster; however, occasionally you will come to a screeching halt if someone in front of you is trying to make a left.

Every morning I ponder which lane to drive in. USUALLY I’m in the left lane. Trying to get to my destination faster. Inevitably, I end up stopped, while my compatriots in the right lane cruise on by. Yet, when I use the right lane, I mutter at how much more progress the left lane is making.

For the past few months, I’ve been in the left lane, lifewise. Burning rubber, revving the engine, and being smug about how fast I’m going. Then something stops me. And I have to wait. I’m thinking of hitting my right-turn blinker and trying a slower path. I’m guessing that I’ll get to my destination in the same amount of time, and even if I’m off by a minute or two, I’ll be a lot more relaxed once I get there.

Deep, huh?

Mom and I had Coffee&Coping at Starbucks tonight. And we had a LOT to cope with. 🙂 Tomorrow’s her birthday, and to celebrate, the happy four of us (Mom, John, Thor and I) will be la-dee-dah-ing at the Borgata.

I missed most of Survivor, but caught the last 15 minutes. Jenna M. left on her own accord because her mom was dying from cancer. I’m pretty darn sure that her mom was dying of cancer when she was on Survivor before. She won the million — and I’m also pretty sure that it was a sympathy vote. If you knew your Mom was that sick, and you already won a million dollars before, why the heck would you go off to another Survivor?

Don’t mind me…I’m still miffed over Rudy being gone.

And work is all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows as usual.

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