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February 11, 2004

February 11, 2004

An Open Letter

Dear Recording Industry,
I knew that Norah Jones was releasing her second album and that it hit the stores yesterday. I was a huge fan of her first album, I was a bit iffy about this one — I heard it was ‘country.’ Soooo…last night I downloaded a few songs. Gave ’em a listen.

And you know what? This afternoon I bought the album. ($12.99 at Sam Goody — cheaper than I thought — by jove you’re learning!)

See? We’re not all as criminal as you think we are.

Love, Hugs, & Cheesesteaks w/fried onions and ketchup,


Still burning the candle at both ends when it comes to work. Eventually, I’ll be confident and will not give the OC a 2-sided report with the same info on both sides. (groan) I may look like an idiot — but at least I look like a well-dressed idiot. 🙂

In other news, the girl who plays Marisa on the OC is the oldest looking 17 year old I’ve ever seen. She looks closer to 30. And in real life, I think she’s really 17!

And that girl, Fantasia, made it to the final American Idol group. Unfreaking real. Fantasia!

Survivor tomorrownight. W00t! I’m making good on my 31st birthday resolution to watch more TV.

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