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Max and politics

January 21, 2004

So naturally, the last place I want to be at 12:15am is outside with Max. But Thor and I recently reworked our schedules and agreed upon a new dog schedule. He’ll take Max out when he gets home from work, and before he goes to sleep (recall, Thor works overnights); and I’ll take Max out when I get home from work and again before I go to sleep. This seems to work well for Max. But when I end up surfing the web until midnight, and it’s in the teens outside…let’s just say I wish there was another arrangement.

But Max looks desperate, and is almost crossing his legs by the time we head outside. So while Max dawdles about and awakens the neighboring dogs by making snuffling noises outside of their walls, my mind wanders. I think about how I’m ever going to find someone to fill the Content Producer job. This is needed soon…my mind is going batty from doing the mgmt job and the content producer job, and it’s not fair to Damon to carry all of the content load. I think about how I suspect I mungled my budget for the first 6 months and fret about how I’m doomed to be fired in July. And what I’m going to wear to work tomorrow.

Max’s dirty deeds are done, and he, Charlie and I are tucked in bed. The furry ones are snoozing already, and my eyes are heavy.

I think about how cold it was tonight. And how blessed I am to be one of the lucky ones who don’t have to sleep outside in it.

I didn’t watch the State of the Union tonight. I voted GWB into office for two reasons: 1) To prevent Al Gore from getting in, and 2) because GWB promised to allow me to control some of my social security money. GWB broke that promise, and there is no Al Gore to keep out, so I think I’ll cast my vote for someone other than the incumbent.

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