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OK, so what do you think?

January 23, 2004

OK, so what do you think?

Well, of course it’s not done. I’m still tweaking the styles. Hope to have it up by Monday. As for the links on the left, I took them down until I could update those pages with the new look. They’ll come back little by little.

And yes, my blog is now on my home page, because it’s updated most often. 🙂

I found out something about Max night that shook me to the bone. He doesn’t like pasta.

He doesn’t like pasta!

Here is a dog who will happily chew on broken glass, gloves, soggy chicken trays, cat crap, dirty laundry and jalepeno peppers. Tonight a few pieces of pasta fell on the floor as I poured it from the pot into the strainer. Max ran over, sniffed the pasta, and walked off. Puzzled, I brought a piece over to him. Still nothing.

What’s WRONG with him? I can tolerate the accidents and the chewing and the yappiness. But he doesn’t like pasta?

Good grief. My dog’s on Atkins.

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