January 15, 2004

January 15, 2004

Shawn at the CP has tomorrow’s special section under control, so I got to come home after yoga and play a bit of Horizons.

My parking lot “Reserved” sign was installed today. It’s just creepy to see my name in big black letters keeping watch over a spot that’s just for me. Dunno what I’ve done to deserve a spot, mind you (I’m not a director — merely a manager), but I’ll take it! And tomorrow I get my head shot taken for the Rising Star booklet. I’m truly waiting for the bottom to fall out of this job.

The first Wings game of the season is Saturday night at 8pm. I got 4 tickets for our usual seats. All I have to do now is dig my Wings jersey out of storage.

And as I type, a blanket of snow is falling across South Jersey. I love how the snow causes the world to be bright and glow — even at night. I’m going to sleep w/the blinds up so that the bedroom will glow as well.


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