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My parking spot

January 15, 2004

no parking!
Yep. There’s my parking spot. I feel guilty for having it. That’s just like me, though.

Wt: 145.8.

On the way home from work today I flipped on the Oldies station and heard the title song from the movie “Grease.” Once I stopped sobbing, I realized that the song is absolutely lame if you listen to the lyrics. “Grease is the way we are feeling?” Wha??

Today I had my “Rising Star” headshot taken and spent most of the day trying to worm my way through some scripts for a new online Classified ad-placing system. It will allow people to completely order classified ads online, even picking whether or not they want the ad bordered or bolded or w/a graphic. They’ll be able to pay w/a credit card. We have a form on the site for that now, but that just sends an email to the Classified Department and they in turn call the person back to verify. Plus a 10am meeting with a rep from GemStar. I also finished the job description for my new hire. I think the ad will start running in tomorrow’s paper! Wanna work for me? Soon you’ll have your chance.

(waves hi to those who will be visiting this site because you’re applying for the job and Googled my name)

Tomorrow I go back to the ad reps to follow up on the ‘coupon’ presentation Peter and I did last week. I’ll be glad when the weekend hits. I’m still not used to working until 5 yet.

I installed Movable Type on my site tonight. That’s a blog management tool. Right now I use Blogger, which served me well, but I think I’m ready for more. This means that, yes, I am very serious about redesigning my site. I think the blog will be on the home page instead of its own page. But I have a while to go before I’m near completion.

The snow today was boring at best. It barely covered the grass, yet people either drove like they were driving Humvees across mountain ranges, or like they were covered in scorpions and one sudden move means death.

I left the usual time and ended up at work 5 minutes earlier than usual. Despite the snow. Now I think tomorrow I’ll leave 10 minutes earlier and stop at Starbuck’s on the way in. Friday morning treat! And maybe I’ll buy a box of Thin Mints from Janet. (She’s Clark’s wife. Remember Clark? He painted his self-portrait in blood. Janet’s refreshingly normal.)

And to leave you with JUST how much of a geek/nerd I am, I ordered a small pair of Obsidian earrings from the web tonight. Why? Because I’ve been a member of the Obsidian Knights guild for over 2 years.

Great…now nobody will want to work for me….

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