Rising Star!

January 14, 2004

my office!Guess what?

I finally got a Rising Star award! (Remember last year’s snit I threw when I didn’t get one? Because I wasn’t promotable?

(typed as she sits at her new managerial job, at her big desk in her own office with her own parking spot on the way)

Yeah…I’m cocky.

The OC meeting was cancelled, and no, I wasn’t supposed to go anyway. Which is good because I have one last ‘end-of-month’ report to do. I’ve learned now that we spend the first half of the month doing reports on what happened last month. Then we have the second half of the month doing all the things that will go into next month’s report.

Mood: A bit blue, but improving
Weight: 146.8. Yeah. You were waiting WEEKS for me to fess up, you voyeuristic dogs you. 😉 I’m back on my healthy-eating plan and I’m looking forward to finishing this damn diet for GOOD. (truth be told, I took quite a few months ‘off’ from the diet)
Work docket: I spent this morning doing the weekly financial and the hit report. This afternoon will be the month-end report and some work on our ClassWeb system.
Lunch: Eating a Salad from SaladWorks now!
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. I may have to come back here to help work on a section for tomorrow. I hope not. I’d rather play Horizons. I miss that game!

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